Untamed Valor

Virginia E.

SCI-FI:  In the far away future, on Earth there are two kinds of people the City People and the Open People. The former live in domes, in a high-tech society and almost no violence; the latter live out in the open, using basic tools and fighting to survive.  

York and Maurice are City Men whove gone outside the boundaries of the City. Sascha is one of the Open. The only thing they have in common is their captivity.  In fact, one of the mandates of Saschas people is that City Men must be killed on sight. When they eventually break free, it becomes clear that they will have to work together and learn from each other to stay alive. And York and Sascha begin to understand why opposites really do attract

Beware, reader... this is NOT your ordinary romance which, in this case, is a delightful prospect! Ms. Lee has developed a wonderfully intricate society and has thoroughly explored the ways two completely different cultures can clash and interact. In fact, that thoroughness goes to prove too much of a good thing is not always a good thing. At a certain point, this story just gets bogged down with minutiae and the endless adventures of the main trio. There are also some pretty violent scenes. If only it were more compact this book would shine, because the premise, the characters and the world are fascinating! This novel also makes it very clear there are interesting times ahead of the characters - something to look forward to, for sure!

Mimi Smith