Unfinished Business



TIME TRAVEL: Trevor is retired at forty-eight. He has no family, not even a woman in his life, only his cat, Mr. Snickers, and his interest in antiques. This interest that takes him to the most unusual of usual antique shops in his Malibu Beach neighborhood. Pleased with his latest find, Trevor endeavors to learn if the skeleton key will turn in the lock of the antique farm door. The sleepy and almost boring life of a man who doesn't need to work each day zigs and zags unexpectedly when Trevor is transported back to his home as a twelve-year-old. Motivated by the love of his life, who died the day before they were to be wed, Trevor's initial dabbling curiosity in time -travel takes a turn to solving a mystery larger than his own life.

While this tale begins in a rather ordinary and even tedious fashion, the persistent reader will be amply rewarded half way through the novel. Then one will hesitate to set it aside! Once the character of Trevor is firmly seated in the past,  Clanci revs up the engine and takes the reader on a roll of a ride!  Until that point, one will have to keep turning pages, promising themselves that the hint of excitement they see slowly developing will eventually be worth the wait.

Erin Murdock