Undone (Children of the Uprising book 3)


SCI-FI/DYSTOPIAN:  In the near future, the United States as we understand it, no longer exists. The new government, the Metrics, holds its citizens hostage in a labyrinth of coercion and terror and only those who have escaped know the truth. Now, any hope of liberation lies in the hands of Bristol, Samara, Stephen, Denver, and Jude, who are now living as refugees in the UK. As the political climate turns against them, they risk everything for one more mission into the US to save those they left behind. 

The death of a team member sends their little group reeling, even as new laws force them into hiding. With time running out, can they find the resources to convince an unwilling Europe to aid in liberating their country? Or are they doomed to forever hide in the shadows?

Ms. Lynch creates a dystopian future that is drenched in darkness, paranoia, and political intrigue. Her characters are strong and her narrative never loses sight of the real human risk that comes with revolution. Nevertheless, the story moves along so quickly that it is difficult to connect with the characters and some of the darker twists lose their impact. Readers who are new to the series may initially have some difficulty figuring out what is going on. That said, no matter how dark the story gets, there is always light at the end of the tunnel, a surprising and refreshing touch to dystopian literature. 

Janice Martin