Underneath It All (The UnBRCAble Women Series #3)


WOMEN'S FICTION: Marg Kensington truly believes her life is perfect. She has worked hard to ensure it stays that way. Unfortunately, not even all the detailed planning, effort and care she can muster can prevent her from carrying the BRCA-1 gene mutation that causes cancer. Still, Marg won’t let cancer stop her, and instead is proactive about battling the disease. However, when her breast implants are recalled, what begins as a wrench in her plans soon turns into a full disaster when her health problems are followed by a marriage crisis and rebelling children. Her one solace is her BRCA-1 support group, but even there Marg is faced with challenges when her safe space is invaded by a man with the same gene mutation. Accepting help as her perfect life crumbles is Marg’s last resort, but accepting it from the most unlikely source just might make life better than perfect.

A truly emotionally powerful and inspirational story, “Underneath It All” has all the winning elements of a true bestseller. Marg is a woman with a complicated history, full of doubts and struggles that she has tried to overcome with her own efforts. She is flawed but determined, and both her breakdowns and her successes are so realistic, readers will have a hard time believing she isn’t a real person. While the romance is light and secondary to her personal journey, it does add to the hopeful ending. The story also has a good balance of tear-jerking moments and outrageous humor which makes the story memorable and enjoyable, even as it tackles some serious topics. Overall, this is one book readers won’t want to miss!

Sarah E Bradley