Two Worlds Collided

Karen Michelle

TIME-TRAVEL: Lead singer of Civilized Heathens and self-destructive bad boy Bellamy Lovel ends his life in a hotel room in 1997. In 2007, on the ten-year anniversary of his death, the founders of his online fan club attempt something totally outrageous ~ time travel using a spell. Evie Reid doesn’t believe her friend’s spell will work, but she plays along anyway. Much to her surprise her essence ends up back in 1997 and she has one shot to save a man from a desperate choice and the world from a terrible loss.


Time travel using magic can often times be a tricky business for authors, but Ms. Nutt pulls it off in such an entirely believable way that this reader wished there actually was a way to travel back in time and change someone’s path! Hearts will wrench while reading this compelling tale of depression and addiction, and readers will share the feelings of helplessness and anger while watching a loved one travel down a dangerous path they can’t follow. Yet hope prevails as Evie does her best to turn the tide of Bellamy’s behavior before she’s slingshotted back to her future self. The only blots in this otherwise captivating romance are the various awkward info-dumps inserted into certain scenes and a few editing errors. However, they are easily forgiven and viewed only as speed bumps in the road less time-traveled. From the darkest depths of depression to the dizzying heights of redemption this enthralling time travel romance is music for the soul!


Carol Conley