Tremors Through Time

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TIME TRAVEL: Deidre Chisolm will never let a man take advantage of her again. She will not fall for the sexy accent she can’t quite pinpoint, or the eyes that are sexy as sin. Naturally it makes it difficult that her neighbor has these qualities. But she will resist… Right? Lachlann has a story that people would probably laugh at before believing it to be possible. He has to do everything to help his family who are back in fourteenth-century Scotland, even though he sometimes struggles to believe the tale himself at times. What makes the situation evermore difficult is Deidre, she is beautiful and there is definitely a connection between them that even he cannot deny. Would she believe his family’s incredible tale if he should share it with her? Or will she believe him to be a mad man and cast him away?

Two lost souls who have been through so much are brought together in this story that mixes time travel and romance. Fans of highland romance will enjoy this as Lachlann is a highlander brought to modern times. The connection between him and Deidre is clear in the descriptions and dialogue when they are together. Anastasia Abboud has a talent for this and has done it well throughout “Tremors Through Time”. Deidre is such a strong character and will be relatable to many, although her situation may seem a little clichéd to some. There is a lot to enjoy in this book, most definitely the sexy Scottish man, and the strong woman he begins to fall in love with.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick