Treasure Fever: The Hunt for El Dorado

James B.
ACTION/ADVENTURE:  Archeologist Lexa Tantaros is accused of stealing a priceless 16th century manuscript. She insists it will provide the clues to the location of El Dorado, the legendary Columbian city full of Incan treasure. NSA Agent Max Finley is tasked with finding Lexa and returning her to the US to face criminal charges. The problem is Lexa and Max have a history together, a romantic interest. It doesn’t take long before Max is running through South American countries along with Lexa, caught up in her quest. Things really heat up when rival NSA Agent Dean Spader is sent to capture Lexa and Max.
Beginning in Peru in 1533, jumping to Peru in 1546, and ultimately converging on the present day, this story takes the reader on an exciting race of adventure from the Conquistadores era, to Spain and throughout South America. The chemistry between Lexa and Max is genuine and deeply rooted.  Secondary characters like Friar Pascal, Dean Spader, and various locals round out an exciting historical story. The book does suffer from a couple of serious, repetitive flaws. Characters’ personal thoughts were open and shared between all characters throughout the story. Max and Dean were prone to profanity, and some incorrect grammar slowed down the pacing.  Some of Max’s fights and escapes seemed almost superhuman and lacked some believability. Even so, readers will enjoy all the action and adventure as they ride along on the hunt for El Dorado!
Emerson Matthews