The Traveler: Chimera Rebellion (The Book of Eleanor 1)


TIME TRAVEL/HISTORICAL:  Katie Butler is a Major in the US Army taking two weeks leave in Savannah, Georgia. She hears the story of the cursed Book of Eleanor, but chalks it up to a local legend--until she finds an old book and legend comes to life. Katie wakes up in Confederate territory and is captured by Colm O'Donnell. She has to use her wits to escape being branded a Union spy. With the Book of Eleanor, Katie has the power of Eleanor's bloodline. With Sherman's troops about to march on Savannah, Katie puts her knowledge of history to work to help the man she has come to love. But fate has plans for Katie and Colm proving that love can reach across time.

"The Traveler: A Chimera Rebellion" will take readers across time from contemporary Georgia to Revolutionary War days to the Civil War! A large part of the beginning is devoted to the story of Eleanor, which makes it harder for readers to connect with Katie. The curse behind the book of Eleanor and the role of the O'Donnells is somewhat confusing. Captain O'Donnell is a personable character, but though his slaves are free he fights on the side that wants to uphold slavery. It also defies belief that a US Army major would not once push Colm to defend his choice or make clear to him where she stood on the issue of slavery. The story ends on something of a cliffhanger, which may leave some readers less than satisfied. "The Traveler: Chimera Rebellion" offers up a fast-paced historical tale with a time travel twist! 

Tricia Hill