Trailer, Get Your Kicks! Book Three of the Time Travel Trailer series

Karen Musser

TIME TRAVEL:  Lynne McBriar thought that she was done with adventure. After her last, nearly disastrous, trip in her vintage travel trailer with the mysterious ability to travel back in time, she was determined never to use it again. But when a museum in Texas wants to borrow the trailer for a special exhibit, Lynne’s husband, Kurt, daughter Dinah, and mother Linda convince her to take one last road trip down Route 66—and memory lane. They soon discover that even dabbling in the time travel has enormous—and sometimes deadly—risk. When the trailer is stolen, with Lynne’s mother inside it, finding their way back home might just be impossible.

Ms. Nortman’s time traveling trailer story is fun and fresh, with likeable characters, relatable family dynamics, and adventures that feel grounded and believable. Though this is the third and final book in the series, new readers will not feel lost. The novel is, however, light on detail. When the family travels back in time, you never really feel like you’re in the fifties, in a new, yet old world. Some of the plot points are unexpectedly heavy and stand out against the otherwise light and fun tone of the book. But for those looking for a light family adventure about Route 66 in the glory days, this novel will definitely fit the bill.

Janice Martin