Traffick Stop (Paladine #3)


ACTION ADVENTURE:  Robert Garcia is a retired assassin just looking to live out the rest of his days by himself, sailing the ocean.  However, a former acquaintance lures him out of retirement with an assignment to stop a sex-trafficking ring within ISIS. Garcia usually works alone, but discovers that he will have a partner on this mission. Her name is Ayisha, and her sister went missing on a trip to Syria. 

Ayisha is determined to find her sister and comes across the massive ISIS sex-trafficking ring. She uses her military training and research to infiltrate ISIS and has Garcia watching over her as  she tries to discover the whereabouts of her sister. 

Garcia is an intense main character, if very one-dimensional. Ayisha, on the other hand, steals the show as a strong woman willing to go anywhere to find her sister. She is smart, strong and capable, which made the novel very balanced. There were times when the story moved a bit slowly but would then develop into a heart-pumping scene that the reader could not put down. "Traffick Stop" takes the reader into one of the most dangerous places on the face of the Earth with this gripping political thriller. Sadly, sex trafficking is a very real occurrence with many victims. Mr. Eade writes a very well researched fictional story about the terrors of war and sex trafficking. 

Amanda Hupe