Tracked on Predator Planet (Predator Planet #2)

Vicky L.

SCI-FI: Alone on an alien planet, Pattee Crow Flies must find a way to survive after her pod crashes and she receives no contact from others. After days without contact, she realizes the likelihood of this new, terrifying planet becoming her permanent home. However, dangerous predators are found at every turn, challenging Pattee to utilize the lessons her father taught her growing up. She finds herself yearning for human connection, until one day she comes face to face with an indigenous life form, Hivelt, as she races for her life. The two of them work as a team to survive, sharing their cultures and building a close bond made from curiosity and respect.

“Tracked on Predator Planet” transports the reader into an interplanetary future, full of vivid imagery and thought-provoking themes. In early chapters, the indigenous language was difficult to adjust to; however, over time it aided in the otherworldly experience. Each character brought a new asset to the story and by reading in each of the main characters viewpoints, the reader can truly feel immersed into the novel. The relationships and mixed cultures throughout the novel prove to be more than storytelling, but also show the importance of every culture and race.  Vicky L. Holt did an astounding job at bringing a fictional interplanetary setting to life through the eyes of a native woman—focusing on the importance of each character’s culture and acceptance.

Sadie Wilson