Mary Brock

SCI-FI:  The planet of Arcadia is in danger of becoming uninhabitable if the Survey and its ecological engineers can’t save it. Charged with reengineering the landscapes of their home regions to save the ecosystems and the planet itself, Fee and Caleb are prepared to do anything, even lie to their rival families. Unfortunately, their profit-driven families are unwilling to believe the truths that both Fee and Caleb know about the planet, and worse, Survey is no longer willing to work quietly. When the Survey asks Fee and Caleb to do something that could break their families, has the Survey gone too far or will their commitment to the planet and the draw they feel to one another be the salvation or destruction of everything they stand for?


A sci-fi dystopian novel, “Torn” focuses on two ecological engineers determined to reverse the damage corporations and previous colonists have caused to the planet’s environment in the hopes of fending off every kind of natural disaster the planet is preparing to throw at them. The emotions throughout the book are extremely vivid, and the tension is high, combined with a fast pace bogged down only by the lengthy descriptions, and constant telling instead of showing. The combination of environmental concerns, family rivalries, and government conspiracies provides plenty of conflict through the story. With plenty of steam between the leads, and more than enough conflict to move the story, fans of sci-fi and dystopian novels should definitely make note of this book.


Sarah E. Bradley