Tin Man – Silver Cyborg Series, Book 1


SCI-FI/PARANORMAL:  After Officer Adam Lehman is gravely injured on the job, he volunteers for cybernetic implants to save his life. However, it costs him the trust of his fellow offices and he loses his job. He takes on a new job as a nightclub bouncer, keeping his glitching cyborg parts under wraps. Eve Myer has downloaded incriminating information proving her company is killing cyborgs and is waiting in Adam’s club to pass the chip to a mysterious whistleblower named MadDog 2020. Before the transfer can happen, MD2020 is murdered and Adam decides to rescue and protect Eve. As their feelings for each other upgrade from lust to love, they work together to fight off a powerful enemy intent on killing Eve and destroying the evidence of foul play.

With all the elements of a block buster action flick, “Tin Man” is a virtual combo of science fiction, suspense, and sexiness! Although the plot is the age-old trope of the heroic lovebirds versus the nefarious corporation, readers will enjoy the unique spin of cyborgs and humans fighting together to save the world. Willing to risk it all for the greater good and each other, the main characters provide a complex byte of longing, humor, and intelligence. Their exquisite off-the-chain chemistry leads to circuit-blowing sex; however, their reason for falling in love doesn’t compute. The few secondary characters barely upgrade the story. The omnipotent presence of an evil empire provides an allusion of danger with far-reaching, terrifying machinations. Ms. Ava Cuvay creates a futuristic world with the wonder of the unknown, where man and machine co-exist and love still conquers all. Readers will anxiously await version 2.0!

Tonya Mathenia