Time Tourist Outfitters, Ltd.


TIME TRAVEL:  Toronto in the year 2027 is a world in which Time Travel exists, albeit with a few rules, and is run by the Temporal Agency. First Nations Wilda Firestone is a retired field agent for the agency, who has turned her talents into crafting accurate recreations of the wardrobe required for travel to the past. When a returning traveler collapses and a lethal illness sweeps through the Temporal Agents, Wilda is forced out of retirement. With her assistant’s help, the two are tasked to go back to three different time periods to track the source of the pathogen. From fourteenth century Mali to tenth century Maine to twelfth century Orkney, the two go on an incredible adventure involving sandstorms, bandits, Native American culture, and Norse intrigue. During it all, Wilda is forced to deal with flashbacks to a mission that cost her everything. The risk this time is just as high, for humankind faces a pandemic disease that will spread worldwide if she fails to find the answer in time.

"Time Tourist Outfitters, Ltd." offers an outstanding, unique spin within the time travel genre! Wilda Firestone, a fifty-something, acerbic businesswoman, is integral to this story and a character that readers will want to see again. There is a secondary female-to-female relationship which develops mostly off scene and adds depth to the overall story. Ms. Nicholas masterfully brings three different time periods to life, weaving in the history and cultural norms as they existed. The story starts slowly, but it all ties together in the end in a satisfying conclusion. This fascinating tale deserves to be the first in a series!

Tricia Hill