A Time for Love in Paris


TIME TRAVEL:  When twenty year old Edinburgh transplant Elise Sutherland arrives to study at the Fine Arts School of Paris in 1975 she quickly becomes enamored with her new life in France. Dividing her time between attending classes, indulging in buttery pastries and perusing various bookstores, Elise soon comes across a book that will change her life forever. She discovers the book has the power to send her back in time to 1895 where she meets and falls in love with an up and coming artist named Michel Flaubert.  As Elise falls deeper in love with Michel she realizes that she must choose between staying in her own time and following her heart.  Will Elise put aside her modern sensibilities for a once in a lifetime love? 


"A Time for Love in Paris" is truly in a league of its own! Sumptuous and unforgettable, readers are provided with the perfect escape into the Paris of 1895. A star in its own right, the city is a rich and interesting backdrop and serves almost as a secondary character. Ms. Hotzon does an incredible job drawing the reader in and making them fall in love with Elise and Michel. The writing is outstanding, the characters are appealing and the story itself is completely engaging. Fans of art, history and the City of Lights will adore this time traveling tale of star crossed love. The surprising twist at the end gives clarity and hope for the two lovers. The only regret is this tale ended far too soon!

Chantel Hardge