Time of the Draig

Lisa Dawn

TIME TRAVEL:  Physicist Major Samantha Sykes wants to save the world from destruction. In order to do that, she must travel back through time to ensure that UNK5oo is never found. UNK5oo is a device that only Samantha can connect to and it fills her head with probabilities and possibilities that could cause the world to implode if left in the wrong hands. When Samantha jumps through portals to reach a previous date in time something goes horribly wrong and she and her companions end up in the 12th century. What they find when they reach the Draig castle is surprising but quickly becomes a welcoming diversion. While Samantha works to figure out a way back home, Lord Faolon attempts to steal her heart and convince her to stay with him instead of returning to her own time.  

Lisa Dawn Wadler has created an interesting story that is Sci-Fi/Time Travel/Historical all rolled up into one. The mix is certainly different and readers across diverse genres may find enjoyment in “Time of the Draig.” Although grammatically well written, readers may find the story overly wordy in places, and bogged down with extra information that is not needed. The mix between present-day and 12th century is somewhat muddy and readers might have a hard time believing the situations the characters find themselves in. Ms. Wadler has created a unique story that spans time and space and many readers may find themselves appreciating the love story that blooms between characters. 

Mary-Nancy Smith