TideWood Summer (Driftwood Bay Book 2)


WOMEN'S FICTION: Karla is in the midst of a bitter separation after her husband, Rob, veered off their marital vows. While trying to pick her pieces off the ground, she has to brace herself to get a solid source of income to feed and house her children since her estranged husband locked her out of their bank accounts. Turning her home, which Rob is trying very hard to snatch from her, into a B&B seems like her only way to financial freedom. While struggling to make that major transformation, her three sisters (Channyon, Sonica, and Aryn) show up at her doorstep to give her a hand. Can the sisters beat Rob at his own game?

This hot family saga is nothing short of dramatic and fluid. While freeing herself from all the fears and worries that she has housed in her mind, Karla’s actions, thoughts, and movements drive the plot in a very unique manner. Although the addition of a handful of other characters may feel a little bit cumbersome for the reader who has already delved deep into Karla’s world, in the end, everything becomes clear and purposeful. Readers who love books with a clear and rather quick line of action may feel a bit let down by the way the storyline drags at its initial stages. Nonetheless, it is a beautiful cocktail of amazing characters who drive great themes through the most unlikely situations.

JM Lareen