Through the Maelstrom


PIRATE:  Captured and forced into a life of piracy, Christophe seizes his first opportunity to escape the pirate crew and set out for freedom. At the exact moment he sails through the Bermuda triangle in the past, a woman in the present named Serena wishes on a star. In calling out to her one true love, Christophe is pulled through the centuries by a vortex only to wind up 300 years in the future. According to legend, Christophe has just three days to find his soul mate and claim her, before he is thrust back through the maelstrom. While strange circumstances may have brought them together, Fate has given them the opportunity of a lifetime. But can Christophe convince Serena that he is her wish come true?


“Through the Maelstrom” is riveting, humorous and sexy! The main characters are delightful. Christophe is roguish and dashing, while Serena is shy and introverted. The fantastical nature of their situation forces them to suspend their disbelief and allow themselves to be open to the possibility of a shared future. A great writer makes the reader feel the emotions of the characters as they're reading the story and Ms. Lewis does this remarkably well. Her writing style is inherently romantic and playfully witty. Although the story is heartfelt and dynamic, some readers may feel slightly cheated by such an abrupt ending. Be that as it may, this story is so enjoyable one can’t help but be swept away. Looking forward to what Ms. Lewis offers next!


Chantel Hardge