Texas Lightning: Texas Time Travel Series, book 1


TIME TRAVEL/HISTORICAL:  Rancher Penelope Jane Terry is no stranger to hard work and tough times, but nothing can prepare her for the twist her life is about to take. A lightning storm strikes one night when she is out combating rustlers, and when Penny comes to, her world has changed. Literally. It’s no longer 1896 – it’s 2017 and someone else is living on her ranch.

Beleaguered cowboy and ranch owner Jake Knight has enough problems of his own before the lovely, mysterious red-head with clothes straight out of a western movie shows up on his doorstep. Someone is trying to take over the ranch and isn’t above rustling, sabotage, and even attempted murder to drive Jake and his family out. The appearance of Penny provides a new problem… and a possible solution. Can two hard-headed ranchers from different times get along long enough to save the ranch, let alone fall in love?

“Texas Lightning” is a fun romantic romp with a touch of wild-west flare. The whip-smart, sassy leading lady and a brooding yet gentlemanly leading man create genuine sparks and heat, while the dastardly villains in the background generate plenty of tension. The story moves almost too quickly – more relationship building would have benefitted the happy ending. For fans of light comedy and old John Wayne movies with a twist, this breezy, fun romance is sure to leave them ready for the next adventure!

Janice Martin