Tethered (An Inc-Su Story)


Tyree kills. That’s her job, her identity; all she has ever been. She’s of the Inc-Su, meaning she’s a genetically-enhanced clone made for the sole purpose of being the perfect assassin. So she’s shocked when told her next assignment is to act as a co-delegate to Zander D’joren and work on the treaty between Terrans and the Tier-vane. All the while keeping Zander safe from assassins and pretending to be Zander's dead wife, Mirsee.

Zander negotiates. But, as he learned recently, that is not always enough. He has lost his beloved wife, Mirsee, and is left with nothing but memories and a scarred body. Tyree, from the same cloning as Mirsee, is identical to her in appearance, but they couldn’t be more different. Together, Zander and Tyree have to work through loss, fear and whatever is growing between them, in order to stay alive and prevent the war on the horizon. 

Listing every superlative from “Amazing” to “Zesty” might just do this novella justice! It’s always a delightful surprise, finding a novella that is a complete, emotional tale in itself that leaves a reader wanting more, without needing it. “Tethered” pulls it off with style. Zander and Tyree are terrific characters – scarred inside and out, but perfectly imperfect for each other. Yes, there could’ve (maybe should’ve) been more about how Zander and Tyree coped with Zander falling in love with a woman who looks like Mirsee, but the author deals with it and makes it far less screwed up than it sounds. The political situation in “Tethered” is intriguing and clear, the entire setting works well. Highly recommended!

Mimi Smith