Swords and Symmetry (The Core #2)


SCI-FI:  Waking up naked after being drugged and abandoned in the South Sudan, Jamal is surprised to discover that not only did he miss his appointment with human Prime, Megan Waters and her alien Godmother, Breeze, but the two have gone missing in the Core. With the help of the brave and intriguing Mora, the two search for Megan and Breeze while also discovering new facets of the Core and what it means to interact with the alien races there. With old and new characters from the first book, "Hosting", “Swords and Symmetry” further explores the Core world, with adventure and mythology intertwined as new artifacts are discovered and danger threatens from those who hope to prevent the humans from fully joining the federation.

A complex blend of sci-fi, psychology, mythology, and adventure, the second in “The Core” series offers an absorbing continuation of alien and human interaction. Although only the main characters, Jamal and Mora have dimension in this book, the world building offers some depth to the story. The mystery behind the disappearance of Megan and Breeze is interesting but not particularly intense as the mythology and social restrictions imposed by the alien Federation on the humans prevents more than one appropriately violent outburst by Megan’s fiancé. On the other hand, the romance between Jamal and Mora is sweet with a bit of steam to balance it out.  A good read that must follow book one to be fully enjoyed.


Sarah E. Bradley