Surrendering to My Spy (Linked Across Time Book Four)


TIME TRAVEL/FANTASY:  Lady Rosanna Kendall is reaching a point in life where she may as well be a spinster. Since childhood, she has loved her brother’s friend - Lord Dominic Rossington, Marquess of Seabrook. Her straight-forward attitude causes many a feather to be ruffled. Dominic works for the crown, but not as a soldier. His career is top secret and quite dangerous. Though he loves Rosanna, he knows he must push her away. When the time comes for him to hang up his spy glasses, he plans to give his love fully to Rosanna. Yet time, in its truly twisted way, makes a mockery of any grand gestures. 


While a dramatic tale of betrayal, love, and chicanery ensues, the characters are the shining stars. Dominic and Rosanna are strong individuals who are willing to fight for what they want and what they believe in. The confusion within this tale is the time travel aspect. Not one, but two characters have fallen back in time, and they create what essentially should be a paradox. They also detract from the main story of Dominic and Rosanna’s romance. The connection between the Kendall family and the Rossington family is a beautiful story that deserved to be shared, and should retain the spotlight. Due to the time-traveling characters, this book does not stand 100% alone and should be read with the rest of the series. The happily ever after is beautiful and the reader can find hope within the love story. 


Penelope Anne Bartotto