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The Draig’s Woman
Lisa Dawn

TIME TRAVEL:  Claire, a martial arts specialist and accountant by trade, walks through a door in time to the thirteenth century and into the arms of Ian, the Laird of the Draig Clan.

SCI-FI:  Cat Kincaid is a freelancer with the Global Union of Earth and Allied Planets, and while escaping an attack on her ship, she crash lands her pod on a distant planet in a sparsely populated area o

The {Re} Model Marriage

WOMEN'S FICTION:  Kirk and Jamie have been married for two decades, but in recent years they have neglected their marriage and it is crumbling from within.

Through the Maelstrom

PIRATE:  Captured and forced into a life of piracy, Christophe seizes his first opportunity to escape the pirate crew and set out for freedom.

SCI-FI:  Catteroon “Catt” Sayer has piloted her airship, Escapee, for over ten years, together with an android named Lancelot.