The Summer of Annah: A Labor of Love


WOMEN'S FICTION:  All earth witch Annah-Belle wanted was love. She just was not expecting it to come in the form of her nephew’s best friend after she casts a spell. The charismatic Eric may look like a Norse god, but his attention spins Annah’s emotions into a whirlpool. As Annah struggles with whether she should jump at a chance at love with a young man, her past threatens to destroy everything she longs for. Fighting against judgment, betrayal, disloyalty, and even death, Annah knows that to have a chance at true love, she must first survive.

The debut to a new series, “The Summer of Annah” is a refreshing take on the genre. Not only is Annah an earth witch, but also middle aged. In a genre geared more towards a younger audience and lead by young heroines, it was a delight to read about a heroine older than 35 years. Annah is such a multidimensional character that she practically comes off the pages. The rest of the cast has equally as much depth and thought put into their designs. While Annah being a witch is pivotal to the plot, it is written so seamlessly in that it hardly feels like a paranormal story.  Do not be fooled, however. “The Summer of Annah” is an emotional read that can cause a reader anxiety, particularly if they have a history of abuse. The writing can also be confusing at times. While the beginning is a powerful, eye-catching opener, the story takes a bit to come together. “The Summer of Annah” is a perfect read for those who want something different from their romance. 

Arec Rain