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HORROR/ANTHOLOGY:  This book is an anthology of 14 horror stories on varying topics.  Each one stands alone and includes new characters and new circumstances.  The reader feels satisfied as each story is wrapped up before the next one begins.  They all have a Stephen King-like terror element, and many have an unexpected twist at the end.  As in all good horror stories, there is even a scary clown story.  Sarah is hired as a children’s entertainer on Halloween.  She is excited about the job but a little wary when she is asked her size because there is a costume she needs to wear.  There is more to this Halloween fun than meets the eye. 

This anthology format is clever because each story has just enough to get the reader hooked, but then it’s over and on to another story.  Each story is unique and separate from the rest.  Because they are all short stories, the writing is succinct, although it doesn’t take way from the creatively descriptive scenes.  The stories cover a variety of topics, from the scary clown, the life of a PI, weird dreams and encounters, demons to a painting session of a deceased victim.  The stories also range from so scary the reader turns on more lights, to ones where the reader is left with a feeling of “did that just happen?”  After each story ends, readers will be excited to see what amazing story the author comes up with next!

Stephanie Shaw