Stealing Time (Romancing Time Book 1)


HISTORICAL TIME TRAVEL: Cassie Sinatore, sassy and irreverent orphan turned cat burglar, has a talent for survival. One moment, she is shackled in her orange jumpsuit at Heathrow Airport, awaiting extradition to France for grand larceny; and the next, she materializes in an apparently idyllic English estate. In one flash accident of quantum mechanics, everything is forever changed. When Cassie is rescued by Ross Kerrington, Earl of Dayton, the lord of said estate, she initially does not realize that she has traveled through time and falls back on old habits. But this character undergoes a depth of growth once she realizes that her new reality is two hundred years offset from where she belongs. Will going back in time allow Cassie to build herself a new future, or will she squander all by letting her past define her?

B.W. Haggart has captured the best elements in time travel romance and elevated it quantum levels above expectations. Cassie’s crash landing into the past is quite funny, especially when she scandalizes the locals with her modern ways. Her character exhibits wit, ingenuity, compassion, insight, strength, and resilience. Ross is a quintessential gentleman, exuding potent masculinity, unwavering honor, and yea, some avante-garde perspectives about the “gentler sex”. Their relationship forms the unifying core, with Cassie giving Ross so much cheek, and the two of them smoldering with restrained attraction. But throw in some aristocratic intrigue and a curiously incohesive household and there is much to enjoy as the values of two time periods collide with epiphanous effect! From Shakespeare to Adam, Canova to Cold Play, this Regency time travel romantic suspense rom-com will delight intellectuals, thrill-seekers, and bacchanals alike.

Joan Lai