Stealing Fire


WOMEN'S FICTION:  1980‘s New York. Amanda Harary is different than most young people, she dreams of singing on Broadway, and loves the old time musical scores and lyrics. She works as an assistant manager at the Lorelei Hotel during the night shift, and as the switchboard operator. When a friend of the manager comes to stay at the hotel, she finds him rude and first.


1980‘s Los Angeles. Beau Kellogg is a 60 year old Broadway lyricist, who now finds himself writing jingles for advertisements, hoping to have the one last big break. Maybe, just maybe, it will make up for his disappointing life, and the mess his marriage has become. Flying to New York to meet with the ad execs, he finds himself ordering room service in the early morning hours at the Lorelei Hotel. The woman on the other end of the phone has an intriguing voice, one that arouses him. That one phone call starts the beginning of nightly hour longs talks, a forbidden romance, heartbreak and the passing of time. But not even time, nor age can keep soul mates apart.


When one first starts reading “Stealing Fire”, they might find themselves a bit leery. The age difference between Beau and Amanda might be a bit of sticky wicket, so a plea needs to be made -  Give it a chance, please!!!  Ms. Sloate pens an beautifully written, yet unusual story full of emotion, and angst. One will find themselves, smiling, angry, hopeful and assuredly in need of a tissue! Don’t pass this one up, it will make one believe that time and age truly do not matter....only love can overcome everything and bury forever in the heart!


Lynne Bryant