Of Stations Infernal

Kin S.

STEAMPUNK/SCI-FI:  Vanessa Hargreaves, Scotland Yard inspector and agent for Victoria III, is tasked with disposing of a box known as the Cook Box. The box contains something deadly that will destroy the world. Vanessa, along with her trusty automata Alphonse, transverse America to get rid of the box before others can get to it. Many people want what the box contains and are willing to obtain it no matter the cost. Vanessa doesn’t know who to trust; everyone is suspect. Friends are willing to betray her for the box, and enemies will kill for it. Will Vanessa, along with a group of ragtag pirates, an automata and even the betrayed stop the people who want to destroy the world?

What a delightful steam punk novel filled with a crazy dangerous trip across America! The prose is beautifully intelligent, and the story flows wonderfully! However, at first, the story is a little confusing, with many things not fully explained. Since this book is part of a series, it might be helpful to read the previous books beforehand just to understand the world and give insight into the characters. Some of the characters seem interchangeable, which may leave readers feeling dizzy and unsure of their motivations. The female protagonist, Vanessa, however, really carries the book. She not only knows how to fight but is also caring and compassionate, making her quite complex yet easy to relate to. This book really has much for readers enjoy; a fascinating story with utterly intriguing characters, and great world building. A truly enjoyable read!  

Roslynn Ernst