The Starfarer (The Araloka Chronicles Book 2)


SCI-FI/SPACE OPERA:  Sila leads a quiet, normal life on her planet, yet she yearns for adventure and the chance to explore other planets. Her desire is made a reality in an unexpected way when she is accidentally abducted by an alien species known in legends as the Ur’quay.  Zh’hir, first commander aboard the starship Henia, hears Sila’s panicked thoughts from his chamber and makes the decision to treat her with kindness. Part of his compassion is to explain to her that errant thoughts and reading the mind of others is strictly against Ur’quay law. With his guidance, she slowly masters her mental shields while something intense continues to brew between her and the first commander. Being placed in several high-danger situations amps up Sila’s feelings for Zh’hir and reinforces his devotion to, and need for, her. His Little Terran.

An incredible way to escape reality for a few hours that evokes visions of the kind of alien love that makes everyday life appear plain and boring. The path to this story's happy ending is full of twists and tense moments. The details of the characters, places, and events are amazingly sharp—making readers wonder if they’ve actually left the galaxy to participate in the story. Sadly, there are sections which drag, and that may cause readers not to want to continue when the book concludes or to pick it up again. However, it is a joy to witness all the characters grow over the course of their trials. Plan to board this starship, get nothing done in real life, and go on an adventure with a gentle alien commander. 

Yannie Sorensen