Star Prince

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Tasmin Robins has traveled to another planet to have her dream job. She has a plan for her life and right now that is to go very far in her career. Nothing else is on her radar, but when a shoot out happens and Tasmin saves the life of a stranger, everything changes.
Prince DeMarcus just likes to get away from his duties from time to time. Even with the constant  threats to his daily life, he tries to have some fun. But when one threat becomes very real and a beautiful stranger intervenes to save him, life really does change.
Ashlynn Monroe gives her readers a short story packed with mystery, thrills, and passion in “Star Prince”. It is very well written and flows smoothly as it fills in  detail after detail, until all is revealed all within its steamy pages.  The only downside was its length, it was just too short to completely satisfy, leaving one wanting more!  With such a great beginning, a yummy HOT middle and a completely scrumptious ending that leads to another book, this is definitely a book and an author to watch!!
Melody Prat