Splintered Energy (Color Series: Episode One)


SCI-FI:  On July 8th, four humans are exposed to a brilliant flash of light that forever changes their lives. Their humanity is taken and they become the essence of colors. These colors struggle to cope with the harshness of the world they find themselves trapped within, and seek answers. In the search for answers, the contact they have with humans will alter the lives of all they touch; whether physically or merely by sight. Enter a world were monochromatic purity is desired, where colors both heal and kill, where “alien pod-pricks" from Crayola demand control, and humans are entranced by the colors enough to become endeared to them. 


Enter a world of chaos, crafted deftly by Webb, taking the wavelengths of colors and making them both a curse and blessing. Seven entities arrive on earth, assuming human hosts, yet they must learn to survive in this strange environment before time erases their chances. The plot is one of adventure and the characters are a marvelous blend of innocence and horror. A beautiful sense of humor sprinkled throughout the tale lighten the heavy mood that permeates the adventure, a tad more often than not. This heaviness weighs the story down, making it difficult to get into immediately; yet with time the reader will be hooked. Whether on the side of the colors, seeking “the monochromatic purity of your color”; or the human side of dealing with an “alien pod-prick from Crayola,” be prepared for adventure to continue as we meet a cliff-hanger ending. 


Penelope Anne Bartotto