Spellbound by My Charmer (Linked Across Time #5)


TIME TRAVEL:  Zane Rossington, Marquess of Seabrooke, is cynical and bored — and believes there is no such thing as love. His attitude begins to change, however, when he finds Lady Callista Lyon in his conservatory at his annual masquerade ball. Lady Callista is determined to have her revenge but in doing so finds herself in a deadly situation. She is rescued by Zane, who is intrigued by the Countess of Marin.  Will Zane and Callista find what they are looking for in each other and realize their feelings? 

"Spellbound by My Charmer" is a time-travel romance where the action starts immediately. Author Dawn Brower has written beautiful dialogue that will cause even the least romantic reader to feel a little tingle. The reason for Lady Callista's need for revenge will hook readers, and keep them reading right until the end.  The pace is even, with great description, and despite being part of a series the reader will follow the story easily.  Zane is suave, charming and undeniably sexy. Lady Callista is a determined woman and between the two, there are fireworks. It does feel as though a lot is squeezed into the book given its short length, which will leave readers clamoring for more. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick