Species Savior

Kate L.

SCI-FI/DYSTOPIAN:  Ava Mendoza never thought of the Veilorians as enemies, but she never thought she would fall in love with one either. Her life changes after meeting Finn, and she happily gives up everything for him, even what she believed in. But now her future is uncertain. Viewing Ava and Finn as traitors, Veronica Walters is determined to make the District pay for their crimes. Ava does not see it that way, believing the Veilorians were sent to save them. With the stakes higher than ever, Ava refuses to back down.  She just hopes she does not lose everything in the process. 

A powerful read with an even more potent message, “Species Savior” is an experience not to be taken lightly! The author drops the reader into the action from page one and does not let up until the very end. Due to this and the story’s subject matter, some may find it a difficult read because, while it is empowering, it is also emotional. With its realistic characters and passionate story, it is impossible to remain unmoved, particularly when compared to real life current events. It has the potential to become too heavy handed with such an ethical and political message, but it never does. Instead, the author does a marvelous balancing act between the moral and sci-fi aspects of her narrative without ever losing the character, world, and story development. Between the author’s captivating writing style and ability to bring her novel to life, “Species Saviors” is one dynamic tale readers won’t want to miss!

Arec Rain