Speak Now: or Forever Hold Your Peace


CHICK-LIT/WOMEN'S FICTION:  Bridgette Reynolds is the perfect leading lady in her own life. At least she thinks she is, until her boyfriend decides she isn’t the leading lady he is looking for. Despondent, Bridgette looks for comfort in her friends while doing everything she can to win back the man she is sure is the one who shouldn’t get away. That is, until the one that DID get away comes back into her life. Now, she has to decide whether or not to “Speak Now: or Forever Hold Her Peace”. Does she go with the man that she has dreamed of or does she go with the man that got away all those years ago? Only time will tell.

Readers that love chick-lit will enjoy “Speak Now: or Forever Hold Your Peace.” It is a whimsical story and a quick read. Unfortunately it is “Legally Blonde” and “My Best Friend’s Wedding” all rolled up into one. The plot is not really unique and it seems to drag through the middle. The supporting characters, while funny in their own right, do not add to the overall plot. “Speak Now” has the makings of a great book, but a little work and finesse is called for to make this a show stopper. Readers who enjoy witty and comical chick-lit will fall in love with Bridgette and her cast of characters. 

Mary-Nancy Smith