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SCI-FI/DYSTOPIAN:  Catrina moves to Cochtonville to work as a chemist for Cochton Enterprises. When she meets and falls for Ulysses, the owner of the Union Station bar, her life becomes more complicated than she could ever have imagined.

Circle of Time
Debra Shiveley

TIME TRAVEL/HISTORICAL:  After "borrowing" her father's yacht in order to sail off the tip of Florida to Bermuda, 21 year-old Bridget Littleton sees a face in the waves and falls overboard.  She wak

SCI-FI:  Jess and Kerzanna used to be together - until each thought the other was dead. Now reunited, they face a battle for their lives.

TIME TRAVEL/FANTASY:  Lady Rosanna Kendall is reaching a point in life where she may as well be a spinster.

Rogue Planet
Steven M.

SCI-FI:  Kaushal is the son of the slain Second Tribe king, who was found as a child hiding with his family in the mountains.