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ACTION ADVENTURE:  Robert Garcia is a retired assassin just looking to live out the rest of his days by himself, sailing the ocean.  However, a former acquaintance lures him out of retirement with an assignment to stop a sex-trafficking ring within ISIS. Garcia usually works alone, but discovers that he will have a partner on this mission.

The Download

SCI-FI:  Jenn MacDonald lives an average life until one day an experiment goes awry, sending her into the abyss. Within the unknown a god named Rheak reaches out to her, giving her an option she essentially can’t refuse. Soon Jenn awakens to find herself presented as a gift from the Goddess to the Beast Tribe, and betrothed to Kei Zhanfos.

TIME TRAVEL/HISTORICAL:  “Time is not a river.

SCI-FI/DYSTOPIAN:  Technician Nash Korpes knows about being different.  As a walking embodiment of a war-filled past that most would like to forget, he walks a thin line between acceptability and ostracism.

The Talisman: Crisscross

TIME TRAVEL:  Trish Larsen has come home in utter defeat.  At thirty years old, she has failed the bar exam for the third time and has no idea what her future will bring.  The only thing she has left is a trinket left to her by her beloved Grammy — one that can unlock the secret of time travel. Until now Trish has never believed the stories Grammy told her.