Something Amazing


NEW ADULT:  Rachel Miller keeps looking for love in all the wrong places. She wants the passionate love her sister has found with soul mate Matthew Knight. Needing to get away from it all, she goes on vacation with her friend Stacey to Kauai, courtesy of her future brother-in-law. On the island there is love for all, and soon Stacey has fallen for Hendrix. Then in walks Mr. Surfer, aka Jackson, and everything goes awry for Rachel. A sexy man can turn a woman to jelly, and Jax has perfected that sexiness. Unfortunately, secrets and distance prevent Rachel from giving him all of her heart, but some steamy nights in Hawaii will forever be hers. 


The temperature soars as the sexual tension burns to sizzle in this page turning romance novel. Touted as a spin-off, it is a clear standalone novel that will knock your socks off, and potentially other undergarments! Rachel and Jax are delightfully perfect for each other, and Clarke has clearly crafted these characters to match. The tension of the secrets being kept, the distance that keeps them apart, and their individual pasts keeps the story moving. The most romantic wedding ever (that of Rachel’s sister) tugs at every heart string, smack in the middle of the drama. Surmounting the odds against them, dealing with personal decisions, and coming together becomes a goal to be met. Stargazing, touristy turtles and postcards will never hold the same meaning again after reading this romance to remember!


Penelope Anne Bartotto