Solar Fury


SCI-FI/SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Dr. Riley Poole brings her teenage daughter, Julia, to a medical convention in Washington, D.C. thinking they would enjoy a nice trip together. Riley meets Dr. Neal "Coop" Cooper and realizes she is intrigued by the star of the convention and his flirting with her. However, with the report that a CME is on its way to hit Earth, Riley’s world turns upside down, leaving her to rely on strangers to get out of D.C. Coop and Riley, along with Julia, run into trouble, which leads to disaster at every turn. Riley’s goal of arriving at her uncle's farm looks like a futile goal. Will she and Julia survive and will Coop be the man she needs to make it safely?

“Solar Fury” is an apocalyptic thriller that ramps up disaster at every turn. Riley’s trust in strangers begs the questions – wouldn't anyone hope to trust humanity during such a disaster? Unfortunately for Riley, her instincts are illogical, especially when it comes to her daughter. The constant bartering of her medical skills is intriguing in the beginning of this wild ride but becomes burdensome to the end goal of making it to her uncle’s farm. Coop’s character makes heroic decisions creating in him an enduring romantic lead that readers will root for in the end. With regards to the overall writing, “Solar Fury” needs additional editing due to repetitive or missing words. E.A. Chance throws in a little bit of everything, promising readers a rollercoaster ride of apocalyptic heights! 

Moira Wolf