Shadows of the Unseen


SCI-FI/DYSTOPIAN:  Saber August is on top of the world. He is set to inherit everything that matters, he has a family that loves him, and could have anyone he wants. Alright, so he also has people watching his every move, since he needs to Be An Example, but that’s a minor glitch. His confidence is shaken, badly, after a conversation with his grandfather’s beautiful assistant, a clone. After all, everyone knows clones are just his grandfather’s inventions, good for nothing but serving. They’re not really…people. Right?


Aaron August has always been overlooked, and he feels both bitter and fine with it. When his brother starts behaving erratically and then starts a clone revolution, he is left in an uncomfortable position and no anchor, other than the woman he loves. Is there even a choice?


No one will read this novel and remain unaffected. Picking this up, one will feel horror at the injustice, at the extremes, at how far people would go, and at how hollow a victory is. In the form of the August family, Ms. Steendam personalizes oppression, revolution and the ugly truths behind each. She’s only partially successful at it, however. Yes, Saber in particular has a transformation to behold and is well worth watching, but none of the characters, nor the romance elements, quite manage to give this book a certain personal touch and put a reader in shoes they won’t or can’t imagine their way out of. Food for thought, on the other hand? Buckets. 


Mimi Smith