Serengeti Valor: The Apprentice, #5


SCI-FI:  Through ruthless plotting, planning and much ambition, the powerful Lucius Mercio has finally elevated his cartel, the Serengeti Group, to the third wealthiest and most influential in the twelve systems.  None of it could have been accomplished, however, without Lillian. The bond-slave he purchased three years ago has shown a loyalty, diligence and intelligence Lucius has never encountered before.  As a reward, Lucius goes against all protocol and appoints Lillian the highly sought after honor of conservator. But as his enemies grow, and disaster strikes at the very heart of his empire, both Lucius and Lillian are tested to the breaking point.  His cartel is under siege and none may stay alive long enough to see who the true villains are.

Wow! This series just keeps getting better and better!  Ms. Manetti develops each character and plot line with such exquisite nuance that the journey of discovery is a delight to enjoy.  This book may be hard to read as a stand-alone but few are more deftly written or more excitingly addictive.  The worlds are intricate and realistic; the characters are both heroic and flawed. The star that shines brightest, however, is Lillian. Her journey is well worth every cent paid to purchase each of the five books in this series so far.  For some of the very best in Science Fiction action and romance, “Serengeti Valor” and the Apprentice series stand undefeated!
Ruth Lynn Ritter