Secrets In Time


When a strange man drops over her wall and into her flower bed, Dr. Jessica Shepherd believes it’s just another of her brother's reenactment buddies.  His dress clearly says so but the blood and his pallor say something has gone terribly wrong.  Rushing to help she discovers there is something very strange about this uniquely handsome man.

Nathanial Preston knew the minute he flung himself over the wall that he was not where he was supposed to be but he never dared believe he would actually travel forward in time!  Now that he has, though, he is determined to find a way to bring the beautiful Doctor back with him... but is it because he needs her help or because he needs her?


In a steadily growing and often crowded genre of time travel, this light and breezy confection stands out.  Rather than deal with all the heavy, angst ridden problems that many attempt, Ms. Stuart finds a way to present the problems while still making the journey quirky and fun.  The reader also gets to see how each of the main characters deal with living in another time; Nathanial in the present and Jessica in the past.  The only problem was in the depth.  Whether it was in the lightness or in the shortened length of the story, one never quite felt the emotions being expressed.  Still,  for anyone who loves a bit of history with a touch of whimsy, it’s a fun read for a lazy day!


Ruth Lynn Ritter