Seasons of Love: Hearts, Hearths, and Holidays

Karen Sue Burns, Lori Leger, Alicia Dean
Trish F. Leger, Kellie Kamryn, Jessica Ferguson, Jennifer Jakes

“Seasons of Love” is a wonderful compendium of romance reads to ring in the holidays!

In Jessica Ferguson's “A Child Was Born”,  Nick Laramie goes searching for Adrianna Wheeler, his long lost love.  He finds her, but with more than just romance to become reacquainted with.

 In “Bells Will Be Ringing” by Lori Leger, Gwen and Bill Broussard find each other later in life.  A health scare along with a Christmastime renewal of their wedding vows help Gwen discover what is really important.

 Alicia Dean's “Blue Christmas” finds Sophie Winston discovering true love in the face of a husband's betrayal, through the miracle of Christmas.   

In “The Christmas Star” by Karen Sue Burns, Meg Wilson finds love where she least expects it when she bumps into Ben Abbott in the Christmas tree lot.

Jennifer Jakes pens “Shotgun Santa”, an engaging story set in the Wild West, where Laura McHenry trades a loveless match for a shotgun-toting Santa with a big heart and eyes only for her.   

 In “Three Weeks Before Christmas”, Trish  F. Leger takes readers back to an English Christmastide, as Brahm Westland, Earl of Merrick, falls in love with his servant, Alise Montague, becoming so smitten, he eschews all convention to find happiness with her.

Finally, Kellie Kamryn offers “Two Gifts for the Price of One”.   Alyssa Wendall meets Christian Hamblin, online;  just when Alyssa thinks she is falling in love, he  disappears.   Alyssa crosses the Atlantic to find Christian and to see if true love is real.
Each story tugs at the reader's heart strings, as relationships begin, stall and rekindle. This is definitely a book to sit with by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate, to get readers ready for the holidays.  Romance is the order of the day, and “Seasons of Love” does not disappoint!

Victoria Z. Burg