A Scot Worth Having (Something About a Highlander Book 3)


TIME TRAVEL: When Ginny Hughes finds herself doggedly pursued by her emotionally abusive ex-husband, her means of escape is exceptional! Ginny “borrows” a time travel device and fulfills her dream of experiencing history firsthand. She lands in the middle of Scotland’s Battle of Culloden and accidentally derails Bonny Prince Charlie’s escape to France. Ginny also meets and befriends Coll MacLeod, one of Prince Charlie’s protectors. While Ginny and Coll grow closer, a more experienced but equally unreliable time traveler vaguely advises Ginny to fix her mistakes via even more haphazard meddling. Chased by her stalker in her own time and running from English redcoats in 1746 Scotland, poor Ginny finds herself engaged in an exhausting amount of evasion in both past and present. Will Ginny be able to save Prince Charlie, herself, and the Scottish warrior she is coming to love?

Angeline Fortin’s tale about a pivotal event in Scottish history impresses with its detail and authenticity. Readers get a firsthand account of Prince Charlie’s escape from Scotland from an unlikely eyewitness. It gets befuddled when repeated changing and correcting timelines  are introduced. The heroine’s reckless interference and her relationship self-doubts become dual frustrations. After an initially engaging and evenly paced opening, a quagmire of inconsistencies, drawn out obstacles, and stunted progress weighs down the second half of the book. “A Scot Worth Having” is saved by the heartwarming friendships history buff Ginny makes with her larger-than-life Scottish heroes, and Ginny’s eventually recovering her self-worth and faith in love. Readers who are previously invested in Fortin’s world, and who are not overly concerned with making sense of time travel paradoxes, will derive the greatest enjoyment.

Joan Lai