Saving Time (Community Chronicles Book 3)


DYSTOPIAN/TIME TRAVEL:  In the year 2061 there is no technology, thanks to the stock market crash forty-three years earlier. Rory is the leader of the Invercharing Community doing everything possible to keep his people safe in the land above. Below ground live the government people. Both groups are aware there is a submarine close to the Isle of Ewe which is leaking radiation. Rory and his brother, Murray, use their time machine to go to the past to learn more about submarines with a key objective to keep the time machine away from the government. They meet young Siobhan, and her father tells her to remember these men. Now as an adult, Siobhan is part of the government and is going on the trek to the submarine. A spark arises between Siobhan and Rory. Will they act on it? Or will they go their separate ways, as she is government and he is not?

“Saving Time” is a dystopian story that follows the lives of Rory and Siobhan. They are both resilient characters dedicated to their causes. Secondary character Angus is just part of the background until later in the book when suddenly his character grows into a hero. “Saving Time” ends abruptly with several loose ends dangling which will hopefully be resolved in the next novel. There are many typos, extra words and missing words that interrupt the natural flow of this piece. The story behind Rory’s father’s death is vague despite its significance in this tale. Ms. Lees has developed a unique story with distinctive characters and fascinating settings. 

Belinda Wilson