The Sapphire Sea


ADVENTURE:  Allan Shortland is a Chief Engineer called aboard the Sapphire Sea, a good ship but underpowered in comparison to the newer class tenders. Divorced twelve years from Sally, a woman Allan still loves, they are brought together again by their daughter’s wedding and a well-meaning friend. Time has changed both Sally and Allan, and love is prepared to get underway. Allan is promoted to Superintendent which brings him ashore, but a lack of experienced engineers and the brewing Typhoon season puts Allan back onboard the Sapphire Sea. A dock boss who needs a serious attitude adjustment creates a dangerous formula, and Murphy’s Law is standing at the ready to send the crew to Davy Jones' Locker.  

“Sapphire Sea” is a mariner’s tale with a gentle swell of romance. It will only take a paragraph to realize Mr. Andrews is a subject matter expert in the marine industry, most likely a Chief Engineer, Superintendent and possibly an instructor himself. Years in the marine environment lends itself to this complete submersion into a ship’s operation. The author’s writing is of a literary level. A reader may find only one flaw:  far too many scene shifts into several POV’s which tends to keep one at the surface instead of allowing a good hook in the seabed of the story. Still, it’s a comprehensive story fetchingly told about shipboard life and the crew, that reveals the hardships, choices and dangers of a mariner’s life.

Natasza Waters