The Saint of Quarantine Island: A novel of the near future


SCI-FI:  Driven by her husband’s infidelity, her own failures and desperate to seek out the one man she might be able to love in order to redeem her shallow life, Janet Davis decides to bribe her way onto Gilford Island to complete her goal and write a great book. Yet Gilford Island is restricted for a reason, as a quarantined island for those who survive and suffer from HNH, a virus that kills most, and leaves the survivors experiencing extreme highs and lows—both creativity and insanity—before killing them as well. However, reality of life on an island is not quite what Janet expected, and creativity comes with a price. On an island full of madmen, pirates, a dissolute cult leader with a criminal past, and an Indian boy trying to find himself, Janet finds that nothing has prepared her to face the reality of Gillie life but now she has one choice, adapt or die.

An intense work, “The Saint of Quarantine Island” is a sci-fi/psychological drama featuring stellar writing with diverse themes, powerful emotions, and complex characters. As a technical work, this book is incredibly well-written. The flow, character development, world-building, emotions and more will thoroughly engross the reader from beginning to end. However, the themes of this book—sex as love, redemption, insanity, alternate realities, creativity, success and failure—may be offensive or triggering to some. While this is the kind of book readers will love or hate, fans of this kind of psychological drama should definitely give this book a closer look!

Sarah E Bradley