Rustkiller (A Coilhunter Chronicles Novel 2)

Dean F.

SCI-FI:  Nox is a Coilhunter, but he becomes the Rustkiller when two kids go to Rust Valley. Rust Valley is one place that Nox certainly wouldn't go unless he had to. Those who reside there scavenge metal, but they've also been known to take flesh. Nox saddles up and heads into Rust Valley to bring the kids back safely and battles the clockwork constructs. He faces many obstacles, battles and has to utilize all his skills to get through Rust Valley. It's a tough battle for the Coilhunter, will he succeed? This book is a great addition to the series.

Dean F. Wilson has created some very intriguing worlds in his series and describes them extremely well. The action starts immediately and doesn't let up until the end. The characters are dynamic and unique in their own ways. There are a few aspects that new readers might miss out on if they haven't read the first book. The length of the book made the book feel a little rushed in certain parts. Descriptions of action sequences are such that they take the reader straight into the action and are well done by the author. “Rustkiller” continues a series created round a very intricate and fascinating world. This series promises to give readers a lot of action in a fantasy world.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick