Royal Date


NEW ADULT:  Kat is reluctantly on winter break skiing with her best friend Lemon in Monterra, Italy. Lemon does not have financial worries, nor does she wonder any longer what the topic for her Master’s thesis in Marketing and Branding will be when they find themselves, unexpectedly, in palatial surroundings.  This assumes that Kat, a novice when it comes to dating, will go on “dates” with Nico for publicity’s sake. Though Nico is intrigued by her, Kat strives to keep him at an arm’s length. However, agreeing to Lemon’s plan will be advantageous for both girls.


At its heart, this story has all the hallmarks of a fairytale with a modern twist. Nico is largely infallible, while Kat shows considerable growth. The reason for her guarded demeanor is surprising; a reason for the introspection, but use of the device is heavy-handed. Others are entertaining at times, but one gets the feeling most of the relevant action revolves around the main characters and, after a certain point, the book dragged on with the intention of tying up every last loose end. There is a true antagonist in Lady Claire Sutherland. It was a pleasure to see Kat show confidence when face to face with one of Nico’s family’s secrets. When life is all planned out, a wrench in the works may be needed to learn about oneself and to find true happiness.


Heather R. Nielsen