A Room in Blake’s Folly

J. Arlene
TIME TRAVEL: Over the past one hundred and thirty-three years, the small upstairs room in the Mizpah Saloon has seen its fair share of stories both lovely and tragic pass through. But, in this mysterious room, one love that missed its chance seems to linger on. As time breaks and molds the town around it, a small piece of that broken romance seems to both attract and affect six couples as pieces of their own stories unfold in the very same room. As each couples’ tale is played out, the inconceivable connections that they all share is revealed until the romance seems to make its way full circle from the original missed love, back to the closest connection it can find in present day, proving love may very well be stronger than time.
A unique story that travels through the cruel passage of time to show that love can stand against Father Time and even death itself. However, while this time capsule-like storyline is a very unique timeline, it is where the bulk of the story’s problems come into play. Each character set is connected in some way, however, since they often are separated by several years, this timeline makes it easy for the reader to get confused. Given that the story is only 302 pages long, it also makes it exceedingly hard for the reader to form any deep connection to the characters during their individual stories. The quick switch between so many stories also plays a role in keeping the town itself at arm’s length. With more pages or fewer characters, this story is sure to be a heart reaching trip through time. 
Annalee Stilove