Rogue Planet

Steven M.

SCI-FI:  Kaushal is the son of the slain Second Tribe king, who was found as a child hiding with his family in the mountains. He is enslaved and forced to work in the palace, where he plots his revenge against the First Tribe king and the First Pilgrim. A rare opportunity presents itself - he kills the king and successfully gets away from the palace. He then finds himself amongst like-minded individuals and begins a growth process that will lead him to a giant responsibility - ruling the people of Eden. 


Princess Anju is betrothed to the king, and completely disgusted by the idea. She does not believe in the ideologies of her people, but is trapped by her circumstances. When she stumbles across a young man in the palace, she discovers wonders beyond her comprehension and the sense of true love. 


A complex universe is presented in this novel - a universe that includes some intriguing characters, such as Tristan and Chobi. Kaushal is an intense character that truly evolves throughout the tale being told. Unfortunately the complexity of the universe is riddled with unoriginal themes and a mish-mash of ideologies and stories that have already been told. War is the ultimate theme and plot-wise it plays out nicely and comes to a reasonable conclusion. There is a happily-ever-after, not just for a couple of people, but for an entire world. Trite plot twists and some formatting errors within the manuscript are a tad annoying. Alas, this tale is as old as time, and Mr. Moore tells it as it is, with a solid ending. 


Penelope Anne Bartotto